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You can help build a bright future for children today simply by clicking the Yuvabadhana Foundation “Spread the news and activities” button on your Facebook status.

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Be a Volunteer

Be A Volunteer

Become a volunteer today. Use your talents to help build opportunities for Thai children.  Whatever you are: speaker, thinker, writer, sales person, college student, singer, painter, actor, etc, you can contribute to the Yuvabadhana Foundation.

Be A Volunteer

Pankan Society

Pankan Society

PanKan – The society of sharing by the Yuvabadhana Foundation
The PanKan Shop is a place where generous people give by donating items in good condition that can be sold to generous buyers to raise funds for scholarships for disadvantaged children.

The Pan-Kan Shop accepts donated items, such as books, magazines, clothing, household items, jewelry, sporting goods, souvenir, and collectables. The shop sells them at a low price. All money raised (without deducting any expenses) is given to the Yuvabadhana Foundation to be used as scholarships.

Where     "the giving starts"
Where     "valued goods are shared"
Where     "goodwill transforms to scholarships"
Where     "Sharing Society Begins"

Tel. 02 3011096, 081 903 6639

Website  Facebook

Make an Event

Make an Event

Make a Fund raising event to build a better future for Thai children

Make a Fund raising


Give the Future... Donate Now!

How much is 600 Baht worth for you? 
For a needy child, this amount keeps her/him going to school for another month.
Get involved today and support a future of child.

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