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New donation channel! We now accept donations via the Pun-Boon website.

This website is another way to give a tax-deductible donation in a convenient and easy way that makes it simple for you, dear generous donor, to file for your tax deduction.


Every Baht and Satang is Valuable.
We would like to thank everyone for giving a future for our children.

Current Student Beneficiary

“Without your generous help, I would not be able to have today. I would have lost all hope, all determination; I would have given up. So I would love for you to help other children who are poor like me so that they can have ambitions, continue their education, and have a brighter future like me.”

Master Apirat, scholarship student, Pijit Province

Former Beneficiary, Graduated

“One factor that allowed me to go to school until I eventually earned my undergraduate degree was receiving a scholarship from the Yuwapatana Foundation, without which I would not have had a chance to continue my education past primary school, as my father, seeing that I was a girl, did not see it fit for me. But a miracle happened when my school applied for me to receive a six-year continuous scholarship and I was chosen to be one of two students in Sukhothai Province who received a Yuwapatana scholarship.”

Hathaikant Igvailo, former scholarship student, Sukhothai Province

With 600 baht,
A child can have food, transportation, and education for one month.

600 baht :
What can you do with it?

School Year 2018
Yuvabadhana Foundation.

has provided a total of

61.8 million baht for scholarships.

Thanks to your support,
scholarships have been given to 14,000 less fortunate children.

Of those, 6,100

 have graduated

And 8,500

are under the care of the foundation.

With your support,
2019 will be a bright year for all the children.