The Yuvabadhana Art Contest promotes children’s artistic creativity. The first contest was held in 1994. Since then, the Yuvabadhana Foundation has held the contest annually for twenty years, partnering with the Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic, Silapakorn University. The contest gives the opportunity for children to develop skills outside a classroom, and demonstrate their creativity and imagination.

Any organization or individual that would like to support the Yuvabadhana Art Program can do so by:

  • Co-hosting the annual Yuvabadhana Art Contest
  • Supporting scholarships/ awards
  • Arranging an Art for Good Deed Camp to share drawing knowledge and new techniques as well as teach morals and ethics through art to youth and children.
  • Arranging a workshop for art teachers to share their knowledge and experiences and learn to use art to teach children to lead moral lives.