This three day workshop is held once a year. The purpose is to encourage youth to develop their thinking processes and crystallize their ideas so that they will better know themselves and their capabilities. This workshop provides an environment where young people can begin to prepare themselves for an ethical and moral career.

โครงการยุวพัฒน์ รู้คิดเพื่อนาคต
โครงการยุวพัฒน์ รู้คิดเพื่อนาคต

Any organization or individual that would like to support the development of youth can join the Yuvabadhana Foundation by:

  • Co-hosting the Yuvabadhana “Youth Thinking for Future Workshop”
  • Providing food and a place to stay for disadvantaged youth participating in the workshop
  • Holding your own camp that teaches morals and ethics to youth
  • Using the Yuvabadhana Foundation to select disadvantaged children and youth for your program