Pankan Society

The ‘Pan Kan’ (“Sharing Society”) charity shop is a social enterprise that receives donations of various items from people who no longer have use for them, but which remain in good saleable condition. These products are sold on at a moderate price and all the proceeds go towards providing scholarships. Apart from raising money for scholarships, it is hoped that Pan Kan will act as a model for sustainable social fundraising, engagement and awareness that: “society works when we share”.


Food 4 Good – “I’m full, and so is a child” – F4G is a project providing funds to help Thai children receive a balanced diet,  through collaboration with popular restaurants and hotels. Each participating enterprise offers at least one dish on their menu from which a proportion of the profits will be donated to F4G. In turn, F4G works with partner organizations to improve the nutrition of some of Thailand’s most underprivileged children. This model allows everyday people to make a contribution and share their meal with children and youth who desperately need nourishment.