– Support Social Organizations –
In order to help children and youth who lack opportunities

The Rainbow Room Foundation

The Rainbow Room is a Special Needs Awareness Center founded on the love of parents and families and to create better understanding and positive perceptions of loved-ones with special needs. Rainbow Room consists of family and friends of individuals with special developmental and behavioral needs including autism and ADHD. The foundation seeks to promote positive perceptions through information exchanges, as well as support and encouragement to families and friends of individuals with special needs.

Yuvaraksa Foundation

The Yuvaraksa Foundation was established to assist with the healthcare needs of underprivileged children. To date, this foundation has supported children needed heart transplants, provided lunches to orphans and assisted HIV-positive mothers with basic assistance items.

Jesuit Foundation for Education

The Jesuit Foundation for Education provides learning centers for those belonging to ethnic minorities and live on the outskirts of society by setting up the Xavier Learning Community (XLC) in Chiang Rai Province. Due to its nature, the XLC has a diverse student body and aims to give more opportunities to those from northern Thailand and the Mae Khong Delta area, primarily minority ethnic groups such as the Aka, Lahu, Mong, and Pakakayo. The goal is to improve ability of youth and build their morals and honesty.

Project for Improving Early Childhood Potential

Lam Sonthi Hospital and the Khao Noi Childhood Development Center (CDC), administered under the Khao Noi PAO (Provincial Administrative Organization), work to foster childhood health education by following the concepts of Active Learning. These concepts include hands-on experience, structured games, and teachers taking an active role in the learning by working directly alongside the children rather than as a mere overseer. The project aims to have CDCs in 100 locations within the next five years. As of 2017, the project had 18 operating CDCs, and as of 2018, four more have been opened.

Saturday School

Saturday School is an educational nonprofit aiming to boost up children’s true potentials by giving them opportunities to experience extracurricular activities in which they are interested.

– Support Social Organizations –
In order to promote contribution to society

Khon Thai Foundation

The Khon Thai Foundation works to help Thai people to work collectively, with mutual respect and understanding, to overcome the problems they face and enhance the quality of life for all people in Thailand. The work of the Khon Thai Foundation focuses on building mechanisms for collaborative and systematic action on major issues facing Thailand. The mechanisms include research projects such as the Khon Thai Monitor, xxx and Khon Thai “Kor Meu Noi”, all aimed at building a better quality of living for all Thais. The Khon Thai Foundation believes that for a better Thailand we must come together to listen, speak, think and act together to create and develop happy communities.

BKIND Fund – A mutual fund for investing and doing good

Mutual Fund enables shareholders to play a part in improving Thai society. The fund invests in E-S-G-C listed companies that meet high standards in environmental, social, governance, and anti-corruption responsibilities. Each year, 40% of the mutual fund management fee or 0.8% of the mutual fund value are allocated to support a wide range of social service organizations that meet sustainability criteria and have potential to multiply impact at wider scale.


Mechanisms for promoting participation in governance and anti-corruption through joint investments of the capital market sector, Civil society, academia and the general public 11 Asset Management Companies (Asset Management Company), with fund value under management of more than 90% of the total capital market, have jointly established 12 equity mutual funds that are independently managed. It focuses on investing in the securities of companies with corporate governance which have been assessed by the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) at a very good and excellent level (CG Rating Score 4-5). Standard certification from the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (Thai CAC)

Taejai.com – Online platform creates participation for fundraising

Tejai.com started out as a need to help people who want to do good things for society, including non-profits, NGOs, people groups and social enterprise, so they can do good things to come true and expand results

Thailand Collaboration for Change (TCFC) – Connect for sustainable social development

Integrated mechanisms of cooperation with organizations that drive social development in various issues to address inequality issues such as education, employment of the disabled, promoting good quality of life for children / youth and the elderly. TCFE will act as an intermediary to connect various types of resources or capital, such as human capital, network of partners, funds, etc. to support or facilitate a systematic work drive and achieve sustainable social outcomes.

Enlive Foundation

The Enlive Foundation was established to raise awareness of conservation and environmental sustainability. Its mission is to support constructive environmental initiatives which are primarily managed by communities. Additionally, the foundation acts as a catalyst for various interested actors to come together to be the “ears and eyes” for environmental conservation. The Enlive Foundation is centered around a core belief that “natural resources are, wherever they are, are shared by everybody in the world”.

Project to Preserve Woodlands and Riverheads

The Project to Preserve Woodlands and Riverheads is involved in the conservation of woodlands. Founded by alumni of Triam Udom, the 33rd graduating class, and the engineering alumni of Chulalongkorn University, the 56th graduating class, the Project is working to replant and restore previously destroyed parts of the forest and the greater forest ecosystem over 160 ria (approximately 64.75 acres or 0.262 square kilometers) within the Khun Chae National Forest in the Bao Forest District, Chiang Rai Province.  By 2016, 100 rai (40.47 acres or 0.1638 square kilometers) of forest had been replanted with formerly endemic species, totaling 200,000 trees, with another 33 rai (13.35 acres or 0.05404 square kilometers) being planted with fruit-bearing trees and native trees, totaling 3,960 trees.

– Partnering with Other Organizations to Improve Society –
In order to rehabilitate mental and physical health

New Joint For Life Foundation

The project that eventually became the New Joint for Life Foundation was formed in 2014 by an orthopedic surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse, and physical therapist who go to rural hospitals to perform joint replacement surgery. They later registered as a foundation in 2016. The foundation also provides donations to less fortunate children in rural areas.

Cheevamitr Social Enterprise

The Cheevamitr Social Enterprise intends to educate people to plan for their end of life. The enterprise provides information to promote understanding about end of life, explains different options that suits people’s need, and aids both healthy and terminally ill individuals in planning for their end of life.

Lam Sonthi Project

Lam Sonthi Hospital, located in Lopburi Province, coordinates the cooperation between hospitals, governmental agencies, and the community to provide high-quality care for dependent and terminal stage patients, especially those with low incomes. The purpose is to improve the quality of life, not only for patients, but also their families and the surrounding community.