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Scholarship Program

In 2019, the Foundation has approximately 8,900 scholarship students in charge of which more than 70 million baht is needed to provide scholarships to students who lack opportunities. Divided into secondary school scholarship 7,000 baht / year (6 consecutive years), vocational scholarship 14,000 baht / year (3 consecutive years) With the help of your scholarship, these children will have the opportunity to study and develop their potential to become qualified citizens.

Thailand Collaboration for Education

Because of the inequality in the Thai education system, many students lack access to quality education. The aim of the program is to reduce inequality and improve the quality of education among students lacking opportunities in schools across the country through innovative educational tools, as well as the knowledge and expertise of educational partners. By working with schools that are interested and ready to develop higher quality teaching and learning.

Moral School Project

The objective is to promote moral in school and reduce unwanted behavior problems such as lack of discipline, lack of orderliness, aggressive risk behavior, etc., with an emphasis on the participation process through moral projects for Create discipline and accountability And the students behave in a good direction


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New donation channel! We now accept donations via the Pun-Boon website.

This website is another way to give a tax-deductible donation in a convenient and easy way that makes it simple for you, dear generous donor, to file for your tax deduction.

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Scholarship donation through Carenation, wreath for charity

Carenation, a producer of recycled paper wreaths for society, has contributed to a scholarship fund for children who lack opportunities by giving a portion of the donation from those who ordered a wreath and chose to donate to the Yuvabadhana Foundation. In addition to delivering encouragement, we will also join in making merit to provide educational opportunities as well.

order a wreath

Every Baht and Satang is Valuable.
We would like to thank everyone for giving a future for our children.

Scholarship Student

The Yuvabadhana scholarship  helped to lighten the burden on my family a lot and helped me to pursue my dreams, from what I thought I wouldn’t have had the same opportunity as other friends.

–Ployphan –
scholarship student year 2016, Mae Hong Son province

Former Scholarship Student

Through the 6 years of receiving the scholarship, I would like to thank you for the scholarship and the opportunity that the Foundation gave me that day. Including the care and attention by calling to talk to give me encouragement and positive thoughts to this day.

– Buachompoo–
former scholarship year 2013, Chonburi province

School Year 2019
Yuvabadhana Foundation.

has provided a total of

70.5 million baht for scholarships.

Thanks to your support,
scholarships have been given to 17,000 less fortunate children.

Of those, 6,843

 have graduated

And 9,120

are under the care of the foundation.


With your support,
2020 will be a bright year for all the children.



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