Encouraging Community Engagement


To meet the challenges in Thai education collaboration is essential!

Apart from the financial assets needed to help disadvantaged children, the engagement of communities, using their skills, knowledge, time and “volunteer spirit”, is no less of a vital asset in our efforts. Creating opportunities for communities to support scholarship students to complete their education is collaboratively managed by the foundation and its partners – Volunteer Spirit Network and Volunteer Service Overseas – started in late 2016. Through this collaboration we have also engaged with various organizations to offer various volunteering experiences.


Opening opportunities for volunteering for youth development is systematically managed to produce quality results. Engaging communities and volunteers is an integral element of the work of the Thailand Collaboration for Education.

Volunteer Management

Yuvabadhana Foundation has worked with Volunteer Spirit Network and Voluntary Service Overseas to establish a volunteer management system which enables volunteers to engage with and contribute to solving the issues in Thai education. Volunteering opportunities that have previously been offered and which are currently ongoing include:

  • Volunteer to “send a child to school create a good kid”
  • Volunteer to survey and collect information
  • Student mentoring

Sporadic Volunteering Opportunities

Organizations and regular individuals can also become sporadic volunteers by replying to letters sent to us by students. In replying to students, our volunteers offer words of encouragement and inspirational thoughts in relation to students’ studies and life journeys.