About Us

Raising Good Children for Thailand’s Future

เด็กน้อยChildren are the nation’s future. If we equip our children with good education, morals, and ethics, a brighter future for Thailand will be more than just a hope.


Currently throughout the country, we have over three million disadvantaged children--poor children, neglected children, and ethnic minority children. Additionally, many youth between 12 to 17 years of age lack continuous educational opportunities. Approximately 800,000 youth do not have a chance to go to school after finishing their compulsory elementary education due to a lack of funding. Many youth have to quit school to work to support themselves and their families. Forced into the labor market at a young age, these children do not get the education or opportunities needed to improve themselves and become responsible adults, which is the most important force to move our society forward.


Nothing will be more important for building a strong foundation for these children than providing a quality education, as well as teaching them morals and ethics. With these vital components of a proper childhood, they can reach their highest potential in life and become the responsible adults we need to build a greater future for our country. For the past twenty years the Yuvabadhana Foundation has given needy children the opportunity to receive an education, as well as learn morals and ethics. We work with other organizations with similar a vision to help support and build children into solid citizens.


You can help give a brighter future for these children today just by joining with the Yuvabadhana Foundation through one of our various programs


Scholarship Program

This program gives children the opportunity to continue their education after finishing their compulsory elementary education. The Yuvabadhana Foundation not only provides scholarships to children, but follows up with each recipient to ensure that they continue to be morally and ethically grounded as well. Your money will provide this opportunity to more children.

Child Development Program

This program works to build self-esteem in children by finding and developing individual talents that will last as the child grows into adults. Each year the Yuvabadhana Foundation has arranged the Yuvabadhana Art Contest and the Yuvabadhana Literature Contest. These programs help improve children’s artistic and literary skills. We believe that art and literature are vital tools for refining and teaching morals and ethics to children. Your financial support is the force that helps push these children to reach their full potential.

Teacher Development Program

This program improves the quality of teachers, who serve as role models for our children. One good teacher can mold many hundreds of children. The Yuvabadhana Foundation continues to provide training programs to create quality teachers. We welcome the cooperation of other organizations in expanding the program.


With the cooperation and support of everyone, the Yuvabadhana Foundation believes the children it helps will have a good future ahead and will grow to be pillars of our society



Board of Committee


Vichien Phongsathorn

  • Chairman of Yuvabadhana Foundation
  • Vice Chairman of Anti- Corruption Organization of Thailand
  • Chairman  of Khon Thai Foundation
  • Vice President of Enlive Foundation
  • Director  of Thailand Social Enterprise Organization (TSEO)
  • Chairman of Social Innovation Foundation
  • Advisor  of Volunteering Heart Foundation
  • Committee Scenario Thailand    
  • Committee of Giving Thailand

Visamai Ketulad
Vice Chairman


Duangthip Eamrungroj
Committee & Treasurer
Chairman of Pankan Shop

Wanna Kolsrichai